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Future Forecast For EV Makers And Tesla’s Breakthrough
Here we talk about future forecast for EV makers and one of the giant’s Tesla and its breakthrough. Tesla is the number one electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. However, with the growing EV popularity, many other companies have also jumped on the bandwagon in a bid to secure their future. 18 Months For Tesla… Read More
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Electric Car Startups Struggle To Compete With Largest Automakers
The EV market is fierce and much of this can be attributed to a large number of well-set players as well as newcomers in this field. However, not all electric car startups succeed in making a name in this segment. These newer and smaller companies face all of the issues faced by the largest automakers… Read More
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Rivian R1T Model Full Review
In this article we delve into the Rivian R1T model detailed review. As the world of electric vehicles is shaping up, newer EV manufacturers are emerging and making their way to success. One such example is Rivian which is a US-based company that has not only been able to set itself up as an EV… Read More
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EV Startups In 2022: Future Prospects
While most automobile manufacturers have been around for several decades, most companies manufacturing EVs are pretty new. That’s why this segment offers a lot more opportunities to these newer companies than the conventional ICE segment. Here we discuss the top 10 EV startups in 2022 and discuss their performance. Besides this, we also shed some… Read More
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Tesla Competitors – Which EV Stocks to Buy?
Over the past couple of years, there has been a major shift in the automotive industry towards electrification. Nearly every automaker in the world has an electric model on the market or in production. The explosion in EV popularity has coincided with another global secular trend: carbon neutrality and the utilization of renewable energies. Tesla… Read More
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Rivian Is Among A Few Automakers Outsourcing Electric Motors
The race among the automakers to stand out in the market of EV companies is inevitable. It has led to the adoption of various strategies and innovations. Apart from the quality of its vehicles, Rivian has managed to stand out. It is one of the few EV manufacturers to outsource its electrical motors. Why Is… Read More
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Top EVs With The Longest Range
As the number of electric cars increases rapidly, it is incumbent upon interested individuals to find out which are the best of them in terms of range. This article is aimed at helping out such people by delving into the details of such electric cars. Let’s see the top EVs in the ascending order of… Read More
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Rivian Stock Is Plunging After Q4 2021 Financial Results
It is frequently said that the electric market is booming. However, similar to other businesses, this domain also has its ups and downs. Rivian is one of the names that recently became synonymous with quick success. However, according to recent reports, the company has fallen off the cliff lately. It reported a net loss of… Read More
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In this article you can find the information regarding Rivian R1T and its performance in Europe. Rivian is one of the companies that is leading the way in the EV truck segment. Aficionados have high hopes for the company because it is supported by giants such as Ford and Amazon. Getting the first mover’s advantage,… Read More
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