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Rolls Royce Spectre Hits Winter Testing Near The Arctic Circle
As the world is quickly advancing towards the all-electric platform, British luxury automaker Rolls Royce doesn’t want to miss a piece of the pie. The recent model dubbed Rolls Royce Spectre will thus be based entirely on this futuristic platform. 2.5 Million Kilometers Of Testing The automaker is known for its extreme attention to detail… Read More
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Is Hongqi The New Rolls Royce?
Hongqi is a Chinese luxury automaker that has been around since 1958 and currently operates under the FAW group. The manufacturer recently rose to prominence when various videos of its latest E-HS9 full-size luxury SUV became viral all over the internet. So what does the E-HS9 have to offer? Well, first of all, its looks… Read More
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Rolls-Royce Smashed All-Electric Aircraft World Record
For some years now, there’s been a new technological race in the aeronautic world: electrification. This race reminds us of the years when young idealists and start-up companies designed and built planes to beat speed and distance records, which helped to improve the aeronautical industry. The difference with that golden era is that these days,… Read More
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