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10 Best Selling EVs In The UK, How Long To Wait To Produce?
In this article we review 10 best selling EVs in the UK and how long to wait to produce those 10 best selling EVs. The UK has been one of the leaders in terms of electric vehicle platform adoption. The sales and registration of such cars have seen a tremendous increase over the past few… Read More
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Some News Related To Tesla Gigafactories
In this article, we talk about different Tesla gigafactories around the world and its latest news. It has been a rough year until now, especially for the automotive industry. The COVID-19 pandemic once again caused shutdowns across China. This caused supply chain shortages globally. Besides this, the Russia-Ukraine war has also played a detrimental role… Read More
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A Boom In Electric Scooters Is Noticeable. Here Is Why
The European market is particularly concerned about reducing global CO2 emissions and shifting to renewable energy. Besides this, the EU has also defined 2035 as the final year after which the sales of new ICE vehicles will be banned. This means that the world is looking for a mobility alternative and is thus heading in… Read More
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Tesla Model X Review
Tesla Model X is one SUV that you see and instantly get the feeling that this is something different. It’s not just the looks of this vehicle, its falcon doors or the fast nature rather the entire package which makes the vehicle extremely adrenaline-charged. The ease of driving the Model X makes it extremely fun to… Read More
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Tesla Has Increased Prices For All Models
The electric vehicle segment is heating up & major players have already been able to set themselves up in the field. Tesla is one such company that is presently operating not just in North America but also in Europe. Price Increase By Tesla Tesla has recently announced an increase in prices of all models. This… Read More
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Industrial Metal Prices Reach All-Time High Due to Russia-Ukraine War
Since the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war, industrial metal prices have been surging to record highs. Markets are reacting to potential supply disruptions from one of the largest metal producers in Russia due to the war and sanctions. In this article, we will review recent trends in the prices of top industrial metals and how… Read More
11 months ago By: Christian Thomas
How Much Will We Pay for Electricity After the Ukraine Invasion?
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put the global markets in tumult as the western nations, including the US and EU, have slapped broad-ranging sanctions on Russia. Energy prices were also affected by the conflict and sanctions, pushing oil to around $139, its highest level since 2008. Similarly, the U.S. natural gas futures (NG1:COM) are… Read More
11 months ago By: Christian Thomas
President Zelensky Invites Elon Musk To Ukraine After The War
The Russia-Ukraine war has affected thousands of lives. While hundreds people have been killed and the overall situation seems pretty dejecting, Tesla has played a positive overall role. Tesla’s Role During The War The company offered free EV charging facilities to EV users of all brands in three European countries. This was done to help… Read More
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Will Russia-Ukraine War Push The Climate Change Action To The Side?
While the Russia-Ukraine war is already affecting thousands of people, the effects won’t be trivial by any means, in the future as well. Increased Sanctions To Play Their Role In Global Pollution The growing sanctions on trade with Russia will not only make the economies of both European states & Russia suffer but will also… Read More
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Tesla Is Responding To The Russia-Ukraine War In Europe
Russia has recently waged war against Ukraine. The whole world has condemned this step. However, Ukrainians mostly remain at the mercy of the Russian army that is now stepping into the Ukrainian capital. Under the war, Tesla, the world’s leader in terms of EV technology has taken a great step. EV users located in close… Read More
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