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Why Self-driving Cars Can’t Go Everywhere Yet
Self-driving cars seem like a thing of the future & well, to be honest, they are exactly that, at least for now. That’s because no significant progress has been seen in this field during the past few years. Although major companies such as Alphabet, Tesla, Baidu, GM & Ford have invested billions of euros into… Read More
8 months ago By: Admin
Tesla Is Testing In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot Connectivity
Tesla has always been at the forefront of technological advancements. The recent news from the company is another example of a revolutionary step. According to reports, the US automaker is testing in-car Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity. Different Internet providers are working along with Tesla in this process. If it becomes a reality, the process will offer… Read More
10 months ago By: Admin
How Is AI Used In Electric Vehicles?
As our dependence on fossil fuels in Europe decreases, the electronic vehicle (EV) industry has made solid advances as the future of transportation. Because of this revolution and the need for clean energy vehicles, AI has become all the more invaluable for maintaining and improving the EV industry. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a computer… Read More
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Is The Self-Driving Revolution Approaching Fast?
With the world of automotive making progress by leaps and bounds, we are now seeing technologies that previously seemed impossible. One of these is the self-driving revolution under which we’ll have cars that will drive for us and we won’t need to undergo the hassle of maneuvering through the heavy traffic. So what will be… Read More
11 months ago By: Admin