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Europe’s Largest Floating Solar Park To Go Online In Portugal
As the world becomes more serious about going green, newer methods are being used for generating renewable energy. One of them is solar power. According to recent news, Europe’s largest floating solar park is almost ready to go online. What Is A Floating Solar Park? Before we delve further into the details of this project,… Read More
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The World’s Longest Subsea Cable Will Supply Clean Energy From Morocco To The UK
The world of science keeps astonishing us. This recent collaboration between Morocco and the UK is one of the latest examples in this regard. According to reports, the Guelmim-Oued Noun region of Morocco has been chosen for a massive 10.5 GW wind and solar farm. The energy produced from this state of the art facility… Read More
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Tesla To Build Solar & Megapack Farm To Power Bitcoin Mining Facility
Tesla has always been at the forefront of new technologies. The cryptocurrency segment is awing the world for now.  This is why, the world’s largest EV manufacturer, has now shown interest in setting up a solar and megapack farm to power a Bitcoin mining facility. For this project Tesla is undergoing a partnership with: Blockstream;… Read More
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