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Does The Future Increasingly Depend On Renewables? See Solar Powered Cars
In this article we shortly shed some light on the best solar powered cars available on the market right now. The EV segment had just one intention behind its conception: to reduce global emissions. However, almost all of us know that these vehicles have not been able to fully deliver the promises they made mainly… Read More
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World’s Major Economies Transitioning To Renewable Energy
The world has realized that our energy production must move to renewable sources. This is to stem the pollution of the environment. However, how is the transition from fossil-based fuels going for each country? In this article, we will consider how the world‘s major economies are transitioning to renewable energy. The US The US Energy… Read More
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Despite Supply Chain Challenges, Renewable Energy In 2022 Growing Rapidly
As the world continues to face the threats of global warming, more and more focus is being put on the use of renewable energy in 2022. IEA Records Show Optimistic Results This is why the power generated from such sources saw a new height in 2021. However, according to International Energy Agency (IEA), the amount… Read More
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Europe’s Largest Floating Solar Park To Go Online In Portugal
As the world becomes more serious about going green, newer methods are being used for generating renewable energy. One of them is solar power. According to recent news, Europe’s largest floating solar park is almost ready to go online. What Is A Floating Solar Park? Before we delve further into the details of this project,… Read More
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Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Completes 1,000 Km On A Single Charge
Mercedes has always been known for doing the extraordinary. The automaker is prominent for doing stuff that has never been done before to get results never even thought of before. The same is the case with the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX vehicle which started as a vision, but the automaker has recently shown that it is… Read More
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The World’s Longest Subsea Cable Will Supply Clean Energy From Morocco To The UK
The world of science keeps astonishing us. This recent collaboration between Morocco and the UK is one of the latest examples in this regard. According to reports, the Guelmim-Oued Noun region of Morocco has been chosen for a massive 10.5 GW wind and solar farm. The energy produced from this state of the art facility… Read More
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Renewable Energy For Those Who Need It Most
Recently, with the call for nations to take action to help the environment, a new kind of inequality has emerged; renewable energy inequality. How can sustainable energy reach all? What are the barriers to every nation powering its economy with renewable energy? This article answers the question and much more. The Fossil Fuel Advantage While… Read More
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Benefits Of Solar Car Battery Chargers
The primary reason behind shifting over to the electric vehicle platform was to reduce global emissions. However, according to recent reports, if electric cars are charged with the conventional grid, the benefits of such vehicles are minimized. In such a situation, the world decided to switch over to renewable sources of energy and one such… Read More
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The Growth Rate Of Renewables Is Noticeable In Germany This Year
Germany is in the front-row seat when it comes to countries pushing climate control. The European nation has set ambitious climate goals, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 65 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. One way Germany can achieve this is by boosting the share of its energy produced from renewables. While 2030… Read More
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Molten Salt Energy Storage System In Morocco
Morocco has the goal of generating 52 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. One of the major renewable electricity projects the country has commissioned is the Ouarzazate Project, which is divided into several phases. Another one is the solar hybrid project at Midelt which generates 800 MW. Both power projects have something… Read More
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