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Nissan and NASA Partner On A 15-Minutes EV Charging Technology
Japanese automaker Nissan is exploring the possibilities of developing revolutionary battery technology. Such solid-state batteries might have an impressive 15 minute charging time. Nissan is collaborating with NASA for developing this EV battery technology. Researchers from the University of California are also assisting Nissan and NASA in their quest to develop this new technology. Theā€¦ Read More
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Which Batteries In Cars Are Better ā€“ Solid-State Battery Or Lithium-Ion Battery?
Findings Of Study Published In Joules It is often considered that Solid-state batteries are better than Lithium-ion ones. A recent study published in Joules had some interesting findings. According to it, the addition of liquid electrolytes to solid-state batteries makes them safer than their Li-ion counterparts. Another critical finding was about heat release. If thereā€¦ Read More
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Gogoro Introduces First Solid-State Battery Swapping For Electric Scooters
Ā Gogoro is a Taiwan based company that has its headquarters located in Taipei. It is known throughout the world for its innovative technology when it comes to battery swapping ecosystems. What Makes Gogoro Special? Gogoro is particularly famous for having produced more than 1 million compact sized batteries. The company has the honour of beingā€¦ Read More
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