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Honda & Sony Team Up For A Brighter EV Future
The EV world is seeing a gargantuan increase. This is causing several startups to join this platform. However, seeing the huge lucrative potential that this segment offers, major players are also jumping on board. Rumours have been that Apple is already working on its version of the electric vehicle. Therefore, Sony, the Japanese electronics giant… Read More
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Sony Vision-S Electric SUV Concept Just Around The Corner
Tesla jolted the world of automotive with its cutting edge EV technology around a decade ago and since then nothing has been the same. Even the industry giants like Ford, GM & Chevrolet could not stay away from this revolution. Therefore, they have launched their EVs to match the might of Tesla & Rivian. Other… Read More
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Sony Vision-S Sedan Remotely Tested In Germany
In this article we talk about Sony Vision-S Sedan which was remotely tested in Germany by a driver sitting in Japan. Sony recently made a bang at the CES when it announced an electric SUV as a successor to the company’s EV passenger car that was launched last year. Sony Trying To Set A New… Read More
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