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XPeng P5 EV Arrives In Four European Countries
When it comes to EVs, China is leading from the front. XPeng is one of the biggest automakers in the country and it is now entering the European market, with just one aim: to conquer. What makes XPeng particularly important is that it is being viewed as a direct rival to Tesla. The company is… Read More
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Volvo Tests New Wireless Charging Technology
As electric vehicles are quickly becoming popular, companies are working to develop advanced methods of charging as well. One such technology that has been under consideration is the ability to charge such vehicles wirelessly but no major company was previously interested in this. Volvo, on the other hand, has changed this by entering the field… Read More
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Best Selling EVs In Sweden 2021
Out of all the Nordic states, Sweden is the most pivotal because of the largest number of auto vehicles. The EV segment has been striving all over Europe but Sweden is a special case. The government of Sweden is offering a special bonus on the purchase of these vehicles. You can comprehend how famous the… Read More
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