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Tesla Berlin Gigafactory Paused Model Y Production
The Tesla Model Y is one of the most anticipated and highly awaited vehicles from the US-based EV manufacturer. That’s because this SUV is smaller in size than the Model X and costs considerably less. However, the overall features offered by this SUV are comparable to those of the Model X. What Brings Tesla Berlin… Read More
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Tesla Faces Supply Issues At Gigafactory Shanghai
Tesla is the largest EV manufacturer in the world. This is a big title to have. However, with more power come more responsibilities. That’s how the responsibility for manufacturing a substantial number of EVs globally now falls on the shoulders of Tesla. The company has been doing pretty well from its four different Gigafactories but… Read More
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Tesla Is Looking To Expand At Gigafactory Berlin
The Tesla Berlin Gigafactory has been in the news for quite some time because it suffered from several restrictions before being opened for production. The factory is back in the news however this time the reason is a bit different. According to reports, Tesla has plans to acquire a new piece of land adjacent to… Read More
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According To Musk, Tesla’s Robotaxi Electric Car Will Cost Less Per Kilometers Than Bus Ticket
The Cyber Rodeo held at Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory was special because Elon Musk announced the Robotaxi at the event. According to recent news, Musk has recently revealed more information about the Robotaxi. What Does The Robotaxi Strive To Achieve? The primary aim of the vehicle will be public transportation. This is why it is striving… Read More
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Elon Musk Sets “Massive Wave Of New Tesla Products”
Tesla has been playing it large lately. The company has achieved several milestones in the past few months with the opening of the Berlin Gigafactory being its biggest achievement in modern times. However, several Tesla products have been tarnishing the brand’s image lately. Some of Tesla products include: CyberTruck; Tesla Semi; Tesla Roadster. Nevertheless, the… Read More
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What New Is Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo Preparing
Tesla held its Cyber Rodeo event in Texas on the 7th of April 2022. The company wanted the event to be an example of its own which is why 15,000 invites were sent for it. Why Has It Been Named As Cyber Rodeo? The event was named Cyber Rodeo in which the Cyber part related… Read More
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Elon Musk Announces Tesla’s New Paint Colours
As we all know that Tesla is the market leader in terms of EVs. This is why the company is always coming up with newer and better ways to impress its clients. The recent move by Tesla includes two new paint colours. What makes them special is that Elon Musk stated that they will be… Read More
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Tesla Is Working On New Manganese Battery Cell
Tesla is one of the industry trendsetters in terms of electric vehicles. Elon Musk has recently revealed Tesla’s plans for new Manganese battery technology. This will use Manganese based cathode. What Does Elon Musk Believe About EV Batteries? According to Musk, finding alternatives for EV batteries is crucial. That’s because the entire working of this… Read More
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Tesla Opened The Delayed Gigafactory In Berlin
Tesla is experiencing phenomenal growth. The company has thus increased its production facilities. However, the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin is the company’s first step in Europe when it comes to manufacturing EVs. The setup, which has cost the company around €5 billion, was inaugurated imposingly this Tuesday. The Ceremony Was Exemplary It was so momentous… Read More
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Cybertruck Accessories For A Tesla Truck That Doesn’t Exist
Tesla is known for its sleek designs and cutting edge technology. However, the Tesla Cybertruck looks like it has been designed by a toddler. The sharp edges and unethical looks of the truck made the people laugh when it was launched in 2019 because even a vehicle from more than a century ago has better… Read More
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