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VW ID Buzz Unveils Two Star Wars Themed Vehicles
If you are a fan of Star Wars, VW has a piece of good news for you. The company has recently unveiled two VW ID Buzz vehicles that carry the Star Wars theme. This has been done as a result of the collaboration with Lucasfilm in preparation for the Disney+ launch of the Obi-Wan Kenobiā€¦ Read More
8 months ago By: Admin
Best 7 Seater Electric Cars In 2022
If you are looking for 7 seater electric car but are confused about which is the best option in this category, this article delves into the details to make the choice easier for you. Tesla Model X No list of 7 seater electric cars can be complete without mentioning the Tesla Model X. While theā€¦ Read More
9 months ago By: Admin
Volkswagen ID Buzz Is Finally Here
VW has was an early adopter of the EV revolution and thus the company has seen tremendous results, thanks to its ID.3 & ID.4 models. When it comes to EVs, VW is excited to expand its product range as it has realized that future sales will be dominated by this segment. The company is committedā€¦ Read More
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