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Tesla Supercharger Network Is Now Open To Other EV Brands In The UK

 As we all know that one problem that all EV owners universally feel, regardless of the manufacturer of their vehicle, is range anxiety.

This is why Tesla decided to play its role to mitigate this issue to some extent. It is to be noted here that by volume, Tesla is the largest EV manufacturer in the world.

tesla supercharger network opened in the UK

The company also has the best supercharger network in the world with more than 30,000 global superchargers. This is why it has decided to offer the Tesla supercharger network to other EV brands in the UK.

Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot

This initiative is a part of the Non-Tesla Supercharger pilot which the company has launched with the sheer aim of speeding up the transition to the EV segment.

However, it is also worth noting that the UK is not the only region where EVs from other brands can now be charged using the Tesla Supercharger network. Some other countries include:

  • Belgium;
  • Sweden;
  • Austria;
  • Spain.

Besides this, this service is already available to customers located in Norway, the Netherlands and France.

How Many Superchargers Are Included In This Pilot?

For now, the pilot project set to take place in the UK is limited to just 15 stations and their 158 superchargers.

This number might not seem too imposing however it is definitely a step towards a greener future.

These superchargers offer more than 150 kW rapid charging facility which means that customers will now be able to charge their EVs in just a matter of minutes using the Tesla supercharger network.

What Is The Charging Membership Model?

The pilot project has been offered with a membership model in which customers will have two options:

  • The monthly membership pack allows Non-Tesla owners to pay €13 (£99) monthly. This package offers lower charging rates per kW as compared to the second pack;
  • Those not interested in getting the monthly package, they can do so at a rate of €71(£0.6) per kW.

However, it is worth noting that the rates depend upon where you live. Customers can see the rates in the Tesla app.

Who Can Use This Service?

To use this service, even Non-Tesla owners need the Tesla App versions 4.2.3 and above.

Tesla charging app
Will This Bring Any Change For Tesla Owners?

For now, Tesla owners are not expected to see any change. However, the company says that it is closely monitoring the Tesla Superchargers that have been offered to Non-Tesla users.

This is being done to keep an eye on congestion so that in case any problem is faced, the company can promptly react to that.

In Which Countries Is This Pilot Already Running?

The pilot is already working in several countries, the list of which is as follows:

  • The Netherlands;
  • France;
  • Norway;
  • Germany;
  • Spain;
  • Sweden;
  • Belgium;
  • Austria.
Will More Superchargers Be Added To This Pilot Project In The UK?

Even if Tesla is not offering any supercharger near you, for now, it is worth noting that the company says on its official website that it will extend this pilot to other regions as well.

Tesla supercharger UK

This is a ray of hope for Non-Tesla owners as they can expect a Supercharger near them very soon.

Final Verdict

This great step from Tesla is a step in the right direction. That’s because by offering Tesla Supercharger network, it’s not just the customers who benefit.

Rather Tesla will also make a ton of money from the Non-Tesla owners by offering them its chargers on which the company has already invested.

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