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The “Super Bowl Effect” – How Ads From Rivals Affected Tesla Sales? The Secret To Tesla Marketing

Super Bowl has a huge audience. This is why many automakers choose to spend huge sums of money on advertising during the event.

However, Tesla has decided not to do so anymore. Yet, what’s surprising is the fact that the EV giant’s sales saw a massive increase and in its quarterly earnings reports, Tesla has referred to this as the “Super Bowl effect”.

The gross orders on 13th February i.e. the day after the Super Bowl were higher than those on any other day in 2022. This is illustrated by the below graph.

Tesla "Super Bowl effect"
Many EV Manufacturers Displayed Their Ads During The Super Bowl

It is worth noting that several EV manufacturers displayed their ads during the Super Bowl.

Rather this number was higher than ever before and all the slots were occupied by rivals such as:

The 2022 Super Bowl was special for Polestar as the company displayed its first-ever Super Bowl ad.

Besides this, Wallbox which is an electric charging equipment company also displayed its ad this time during the Super Bowl.

How Did Tesla Benefit From All These Ads?

As one would not expect, all these EV ads reminded customers of just one company, which is Tesla.

This was evident from the fact that despite not displaying any ads during the event, the sales of Tesla’s products increased soon afterwards.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla has become synonymous with electric vehicles throughout the world. This means that the company has been able to set itself up as a distinctive brand in the world of electric vehicles.

What makes it impossible to beat Tesla is the fact that the automaker has refrained from traditional advertising for its vehicles.

The money it saves from the Tesla marketing is spent on R&D. Resultantly, Tesla vehicles keep getting better with time.

Tesla’s Zero Spending On Advertising Is A Blessing In Disguise For The Company

Tesla not marketing its products like other automakers was recently highlighted by StockApps in its report. According to this report, the company has never spent even a single cent on advertising.

Tesla's marketing is 0 compared to competitors
Tesla Is Always In The Limelight

Every time a new technology is launched by Tesla, it automatically draws attention and bloggers fill the internet with the recent innovation of the company. This automatically brings the company to the limelight mitigating the need for any form of Tesla marketing.

There are dedicated websites that disseminate information about Tesla and its products. As a result, the company does not need to spend a lot of money promoting its products during expensive peak hours.

Some people believe that the reason why Tesla doesn’t advertise its products is that the company already has a long list of orders.

By expending its budget on ads, the delivery will be further delayed which might tarnish the company’s image.

Elon Musk Draws Too Much Attention

Another aspect that has benefited Tesla is that its high profile CEO Elon Musk constantly stays in the limelight for one reason or the other.

His Twitter account is also particularly famous where he remains actively engaged with his fans.

90 Million Followers & Counting

Musk has 90 million followers on his Twitter account. Not everyone following him is a fan but still, it all adds up to his popularity and all this ultimately results in marketing for Tesla.

Elon Musk Twitter
Final Verdict

It seems like Tesla has got the perfect recipe for success. By saving all the money from advertising, the automaker invests it in R&D.

It then yields manifold benefits not just in sales but also in offering state of the art technology that puts rivals to shame.

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